Viral Video Calls for Mass Exodus from Fossil Fuels

Dump the Big Six campaign photoEcotricity/Video screen capture

Nobody loves their electric utility. In Britain, there's already been a popular backlash at record profits and bonuses on the back of rising fuel costs. Now Ecotricity—the wind energy utility whose CEO Dale Vince joined us for a live chat a while back—is hoping to cash in on that anger with a viral social media campaign dubbed "Dump the Big Six".

Dump the Big Six campaign 6 photoEcotricity/Video screen capture
Featuring the hapless crumbling cooling towers of the "Big Six" UK energy utilities, the campaign evokes the idea of abandoning an outdated energy system that is doing more harm than good. From the devastating economic impact of coal to the true price of oil, we already know that we are paying much more than the already high numbers we see at the gas station or on our electricity bills. So there's a good chance that many of us will be ready, as the campaign says, to move on.

Dump the Big Six campaign turbines photoEcotricity/Video screen capture

And from stunning urban wind turbines through vegan biogas to a network of electric car charging stations, it's fair to say that Ecotricity has done more than most to offer up alternatives.

So let's see if peoples' anger is really enough to see them dump the Big Six. Heaven knows it's about time we tried some alternatives.

Viral Video Calls for Mass Exodus from Fossil Fuels
Popular anger at profiteering energy utilities is high. One wind-power pioneer is hoping to harness that sentiment with a funny viral video.

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