Vertical Wind Turbines May Get A Chance On Malmö City Rooftops

Sege City Solar Installation photo

Malmö wants its solar and wind installations to be visible to city residents - Sege City, featured here, is a 166 kW solar rooftop.

Two neighborhoods in Sweden's third-largest city, Malmö, will try out a number of small-scale rooftop wind turbines this fall to see which type of wind-driven device will get the most bang for the buck, while not bothering the neighbors with too much noise.

Vertical turbines quieter
Sweden's Housing Development Agency Boverket has contributed about US $50,000 to the project's overall $100,000 budget. That doesn't buy all that many turbines. QuietRevolution, which makes a helical 6 kW turbine installed mostly in the UK at sites such as Ashenden House and Rialto Homes in Croyden, costs about $65,000 (in other words, more than half the budget). On the other hand, the 1 kW Windspire costs only about $4,000 though it has about a 20-year payback. A conventional 1kW x900 from Spain's Joliet Wind Turbines runs about $5,000.

Malmö also has Sweden's highest concentration of solar installations
Malmö has already done a lot to become a carbon neutral city - Grist ranks it as the 4th greenest city globally after Reykjavik, Portland and Curitiba, Brazil. Many of the 4,000 square meters of solar thermal collectors and 2,500 meters of PV solar are installed in Western Harbour and Hyllie, the two new areas of town that will try out the rooftop turbines. Malmö is aiming to reduce its CO2 emissions 25 percent by 2012 based on 1992 baselines, and the rooftop turbines project is meant to help with that goal. Via ::NyTeknik
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