Vertical Axis Turbine Maker Builds on Olympic Success

There was much buzz around the launch of the Quietrevolution vertical axis wind turbine back in 2006. There was even some talk of installing a turbine on Buckingham Palace, as the design of the Quieteevolution is such that it should perform well even in the erratic wind speeds seen in an urban environment, and without causing undue damage to buildings.

But things have been a little quiet since then—not too many splashy press releases or large photo ops. Nevertheless, it seems the folks at Quietrevolution have been busy making connections and finding homes for their innovative turbines.

Now Business Green reports that an installation of a Quiet Revolution near the Portland Marina Olympic sailing venue in Dorset has lead to a £2m contract for 400 more turbines from the company who helped manufacture it:

Quietrevolution has awarded a £2m contract to Hutchinson Engineering to supply more than 400 vertical axis wind turbines, after the two firms worked together to deliver a wind turbine for the Olympic Games. Cheshire-based Hutchinson designed the 18 metre-high vertical axis wind turbine located near Portland Marina in Dorset – the venue for the Olympic Games sailing events.

The Quietrevolution qr5 turbine was completed in time for London 2012 and can provide up to 7,500 kWh of power a year if average wind speeds reach seven metres per second. Hutchinson said it has since been awarded a £2m contract for the supply of more than 400 structures to Quietrevolution.

Interestingly, Quietrevolution also installed seven turbines at the Olympic Park in Stratford, but contractual rules issued by the International Olympic Committee mean that the company can't talk about these projects just yet.

Still, it will be interesting to see whether this high profile exposure for Quietrevolution will lead to long term growth once the games hype dies down.

Vertical Axis Turbine Maker Builds on Olympic Success
An innovative turbine manufacturer is signing major new contracts, after some high profile exposure at the London games.

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