Vermont Air National Guard to Go Solar, Build Largest Array in the State

vermont air national guard solar array photo

photo: Office of Bernie Sanders

Vermont already gives the impression of being a very environmentally aware state, and that impression is generally true. Now it's even more so, with the announcement that the Vermont Air National Guard will be installing a solar power array at its facilities in South Burlington:$5 Million Grant to Fund Solar Power Array
Though the exact size of the solar power array, nor timeline for installation have been revealed yet, what is known is that the Vermont Air National Guard has won a $5 million grant to build what Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has said will be the largest solar energy project in the state. The project will be constructed at the Air National Guard's facilities across from the Burlington International Airport.

The array is expected to produce "a substantial amount of the power used at the site," according to the Burlington Free Press and is projected to save the Guard $100,000 a year, about 20% of its current electric bill.

via: Alternative Energy Retailer
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