Utility-Scale Floating Offshore Wind Farm Coming to Portugal

wind float turbine image

image: Principle Power

Back in October we wrote about how floating wind turbines will power Oregon's first offshore windfarm. Now, Principle Power, the company behind those floating wind turbines has announced that it has signed a Memoradum of Agreement with Energias de Portugal to develop another floating offshore wind farm:All of the details of the project have yet to be disclosed, but what we know so far is that it will be located at a site somewhere between Lisbon and Porto and be developed in three phases. The first phase will be a demonstration phase, with a single wind turbine constructed. The second and third phases will bring the project from pre-commercial to commercial capacity.

According to Principle Power's website the project will have a capacity of 150 MW, but when asked about the final capacity of the project Principle Power's president Jon Bonanno would only confirm that "the ultimate power plant will be utility scale."

More: Principle Power (press release)

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