Using Photoshop To Fight Wind Turbines

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We reported a few months back on how residents of one UK community seemed to be actively welcoming a new wind development. There was, of course, a vocal opposition group to the proposed wind park but—if surverys were to be believed—NIMBYs were in a minority, and a majority of residents in the area actually thought more wind power was a good idea. Nevertheless, developer Ecotricity brings us news that the planning application for their wind power installation in Berkeley Valey near Stroud, Gloucestershire was turned down due to "visual impact". Ironically, this was closely followed by the anti-wind farm group "Save Berkeley Vale" being ordered by the Advertising Standards Agency to stop using misleading images of wind turbines that exaggerated the potential impact of the installation and even placed turbines in the wrong location to over emphasize the spread of the plant.

Apparently you can;t trust everything you see these days...

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