Used Telephone Poles to be Converted to Ethanol at Quebec Biorefinery

telephone pole photo

photo: Scott Robinson via fickr

Of all the feedstocks for biofuel I have come across, this one is probably the strangest. Plenty of people are working on turning wood waste into ethanol, but Enerkem is doing wood chips, yard waste, and building scraps one better: Used telephone poles. Though it’ll be a few months until the processing units are added to their Westbury, Quebec syngas processing plant, but once it’s fully up and running, here’s how much fuel a whole bunch used telephone poles can produce:1.3 Million Gallons Per Year
According to their press release, Enerkem will be be able to produce 1.3 million gallons (5 million litres) of ethanol annually, requiring about 13,500 tonnes of wood feedstock. Enerkem is keen to point out that this facility will be the first producer of biofuels and biochemicals to commercially use this waste feedstock.

Once this plant is completed, Enerkem plans to begin construction on a previously announced municipal waste-to-ethanol facility in Edmonton, Alberta, which will have a capacity of 9.5 million gallons (36 million litres) of biofuel per year.

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