US Solar Power Installations Set To More Than Double in 2010

solar panel installation photo

photo: Wayne National Forest/Creative Commons

Since the overwhelming majority of Americans have been shown to back solar power, this next one comes as doubly-good news: The latest Solar Market Insight report from SEIA shows that by the end of the 2010, the amount of solar installed this year should be more than double the amount installed in 2009.Via Renewable Energy World:

The report's baseline forecast projects that 944 megawatts of solar electric capacity (composed of 866 MW of PV and 79 MW of CSP) will be installed in the U.S. in 2010. This represents a growth of 114 percent over the 441 megawatts of solar electric capacity added in 2009. The report's high forecast projects as much as 1.13 gigawatts being installed by year's end, a 156 percent increase over 2009.

Leading the nation in solar power installations over the first six months of the year, California installed 12 MW, with New Jersey, Arizona, and Florida following behind. All told 341 MW was installed between January and June.

As for future goals, SEIA would like to be installing 10 GW annually by 2015, in the processing creating 220,000 jobs.

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