The U.S. installed 832 MW of solar PV in Q2 2013

2013 Q2 solar PV in US

15% growth over Q1 2013

Numbers are out for Q2 2013 solar photovoltaic (PV) installation in the U.S., and the growth is solid. As you can see on the graph above, Q4 2012 remains the high water mark, but that's because of regulatory uncertainty; developers wanted to get their PV projects done before the end of the year because they were sure if they would get the same incentives. With 832 megawatts of new PV installed, the April-June quarter of this year is the second best quarter ever for the U.S., a 15% growth over Q1 2013 and a 1.5% increase over Q2 2012 (also another very strong period).

Cumulative solar PV capacity in the U.S. now stands at 8,858 MW!

2013 Q2 solar PV in US© SEIA

As you can see above, the residential market was flat quarter-over-quarter, the commercial market shrank 11%, and the utility market grew 42%. But what matters is the long-term trend, and that's definitely healthy even though it's a bumpy road (lots of ups and down, but overall, it's going up nicely).

2013 Q2 solar PV in US© SEIA

Above is a ranking of the US states by how much new PV they installed in this quarter compared to a year ago. Arizona is making nice progress, but it's sad to see so many sunny states being so low in the ranking. They could no doubt fix that by implementing more solar-friendly net-metering policies.

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