US Gains 2500 Gigawatts of Wind Power Potential Thanks to Taller Turbines

wind turbines photo

photo: John Schanlaub via flickr.

A new analysis of the United States' wind power potential for the lower 48 states has been released by AWS Truewind and shows that increases turbine height mean the nation gains an additional 2,500 gigawatts of onshore power.Developed in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the new estimate shows that by increasing wind turbine heights from 50 meters to 80 meters, onshore wind power potential has increased to 10,500 gigawatts, assuming a 30% capacity factor.

Previous AWS estimates placed that figure at 7,000-8,000 gigawatts.

AWS wind navigator image

Want to dig into what your state's potential is? Here's the AWS state-by-state analysis [PDF].

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