US Exported $723M More Solar Power Products Than It Imported in 2009: New Trade Balance Report

solar panel installation photo

photo: Oregon DOT/Creative Commons

Next time someone bemoans the fact that even all the renewable energy manufacturing is heading overseas, point this next report out: According to new industry analysis carried out by GTM Research for SEIA, the US is a net exporter of solar power products, to the tune of $723 million in 2009. Here are more of the key points from the US Solar Energy Trade Assessment 2010: Though the US was a net importer of PV modules in 2009, importing some $232 million more than it exported, polysilicon exports dwarfed imports by $1.1 billion.

Even considering that the majority of solar PV modules in the US were assembled elsewhere, 74% of total value created from US solar power installations in 2009 came from US products. Most of this was due to costs of installation, legal and permitting fees, and system engineering and design.

In total, US solar power installations created $2.6 billion in direct value to the US economy in 2009.

You can read the entire original report at the link above, but here are some of the charts to give you a better idea of where US solar power products are going to and coming from.

US solar power trade balance chart

US solar power trade balance by nation chart

US solar power sector by type chart

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