Unsung Solar Heroes

Solar panel 5.jpg
There's plenty of focus on Solar Photo Voltaic (SPV) panels of all sorts: thin, flexible, stiff, colored, plain, old-fashioned, ultra-efficient, building integrated, and so on.
But for balance of system components, there's equally interesting progress from entrepreneurial companies like Satcon.
By integrating components, as Satcon has done for their PowerGate power inversion line, overall SPV system installation and maintenance costs go down.
Below is a description of the SatCon power inverter line taken verbatim from the website promo. TreeHuggers: got any other unsung SPV heroes we should know about?
The 500kW unit rounds out SatCon's family of solar array inverters, including designs for 50kW, 100kW, 225kW and 500kW three-phase applications, and designs for 15 - 30kW single-phase applications. SatCon's products provide a more cost effective alternative for solar integrators by eliminating many of the independent components and field wiring required by other designs. SatCon's photovoltaic inverters include all of the necessary equipment to convert solar array DC power to useable AC power and also allow the excess to be sold back to local utilities.

SatCon's PowerGate PV inverters are designed to meet UL1741 certification, which then qualifies them to be listed by the California Energy Commission (CEC). These certifications enable SatCon's PV inverters to be eligible for California state-sponsored rebate programs, such as the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Self Generation Incentive Program.