University of Pennsylvania Becomes #1 Among U.S. Universities for Wind-Power Usage

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Leader in Net Wind-Power Usage, if Not in Ratio
The University of Pennsylvania is leading the way among U.S. universities for wind-power. It committed to buying more electricity coming from wind in the next two years, purchasing an additional 80,000-megawatt hours per year, bringing its total to about 200,000 megawatt hours per year, or nearly half of Penn's electricity use.

"Up until this announcement, Penn trailed New York University's wind power consumption - NYU buys 100 percent of its power from wind sources." But while NYU has a higher ratio of power coming from wind, Penn can brag about getting more total power from wind: 200,000-megawatt hours per year vs. about 118,000-megawatt hours per year (that's the NYU wind-power number for 2006).

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Where Will the Wind-Power Come From?
"Penn will get the energy from wind farms throughout Pennsylvania with windmills in places like Pittsburgh that harness power. The power is redirected to the power grid in the Philadelphia area."

Congrats to the University of Pennsylvania! Next step is to increase that ratio further and invest in energy efficiency if that hasn't already been done. It is also important to publicize this initiative, both to encourage others in the education world to follow your lead, but also to teach your students about the importance of where the power they use comes from.

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