United States Will Lead World for Third Straight Year in Annual Wind Power Installations

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While still a small percentage of overall electric generation, there's no denying that wind power has been growing consistently in the United States. In 2007, an additional 5,329 megawatts of capacity was added, an amount which was slightly more than a quarter of all new global wind capacity that year. Currently an additional 8 gigawatts of wind capacity is under construction and scheduled to be operational by the end of 2008.

The result: This will be the third straight year that the United States leads the world in annual wind power installations, according to a new study by Emerging Energy Research.100 (or maybe 150?) Gigawatts by 2020
According to EER this growth means that cumulative wind installations in the United States are "expected to reach at least 100 GW by 2020." Keep in mind that the US currently has about 19.5 GW of installed capacity (AWEA).

Note: There seems to be uncertainty here. Both Renewable Energy World and Earth2Tech are are reporting that EER says that 150 GW will be hit by 2020, but the summary/order form of the report from EER gives a figure of 100 GW by 2020. Hmm?

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image: EER

Not Quite Halfway There to DOE Goal
Either way it's not bad by any means, but as Earth2Tech points out, still less than half of the amount needed to reach the 20% wind power by 2030 goal that the Department of Energy thinks is possible. However, if 2008-2020 can bring an additional 100-odd gigawatts of wind power, 2021-2030 may be able to make up the rest.

via :: Renewable Energy World, :: Earth2 Tech and :: Emerging Energy Research
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