UN says Palm Oil Industry is Wiping out the Orang Utan


Sometimes I feel like the evil Mugatu in Zoolander, out to get Malaysia. I write a few posts about palm oil, orangutans and dying for a cookie? and get letters like "Your views on palm oil smacks of ignorance. ...Whatever little that I know of palm oil, I learnt from this site www.palmoiltruthfoundation.com" and "www.palmoiltruthfoundation.com gives another perspective to the story. Maybe that's what we all need, to see both sides before deciding?" I say No to Biodiesel from Unsustainable Palm Oil and get told to "Please go to the following link to get better informed about the goodness of palm oil." Have I maligned a nation and an industry, even if it loves The Great Global Warming Swindle?Therefore I am relieved, but saddened, to find that I am not feeding TreeHugger readers codswallop, but that the UN says "illegal logging and fires have been overtaken as the primary cause of deforestation by a huge expansion of oil palm plantations, which are racing to meet soaring demand from Western food manufacturers and the European Union's zeal for biofuels." and that "The UN's environment programme report, 'The Last Stand of the Orang Utan: State of Emergency', says natural rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia are being cleared so rapidly that up to 98 per cent may be destroyed by 2022, and the lowland forest strongholds of orang utans much sooner, unless urgent action is taken." Read more in the ::Guardian