UK's Crown Estate Gets Into Offshore Wind Power: Fronts Half of Pre-Construction Development Costs

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In the same week that it was announced that the UK overtook Denmark to be the world's foremost producer of electricity from offshore wind farms, the Crown Estate (which holds all of the Queen's property, but is independent of the monarchy or government) has said that it will be making a significant investment in offshore wind power by promising to pay for up to half of all pre-construction development costs for offshore wind projects in areas under its control.

I admit that's quite a mouthful, but this is what it practically means:Development Costs Recouped From Energy Produced
The Crown Estate, "which has responsibility for licensing the seabed up to 200 miles out for renewable projects, will help pay for the cost of undertaking studies on what impact plans would have on shipping and marine life. The cost of doing that will later be clawed back from revenues once the wind turbines are turning." (The Guardian)

Up to 33 GW Potential
According to the Crown Estate it,

...has a central role in the delivery of offshore wind. Round 3 builds on the 8 GW of offshore windfarm projects currently under development and to be delivered by Rounds 1 and 2 of offshore windfarm development. If successful, the addition of the capacity from Round 3 could lead to a potential total of 33 GW of wind energy coming from offshore wind resources

So far 96 companies have expressed interested in taking them up on its offer, an amount which has "greatly exceeded our expectations", according to a spokesperson for the Crown Estate.

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image: The Crown Estate
Crown Estate Also Owns World's Biggest Wind Turbine
Back in June the Crown Estate purchased the prototype for the world's biggest wind turbine, the 7.5 MW Clipper Windpower 'Project Britannia'.

via: The Guardian and The Crown Estate
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