UK Solar Supplier Angry Over Government Report

The UK government's recently published Energy Review has already been mentioned a few times on Treehugger. With announcements such as a phasing out of stand-by modes for electrical appliances, and supposedly increased support for renewables, it would certainly appear there was some room to celebrate. Nevertheless, massive hydro-power projects and a continued enthusiasm for nuclear seem to have many environmentalists worried. Now Solar Century, the UK's leading supplier of photovoltaic systems, has waded into the debate, condemning the report as "very disappointing". Amongst other accusations, Solar Century's press release claims that much of the discussion on renewables, reported in the press as a "major new commitment", amount to little more than confirmation of what was already promised in the February 2003 Energy White Paper. Whilst the company does acknowledge some encouraging signs, such as commitments on buildings and planning regulations, it concludes that the UK still has a lot to learn from other European countries. It seems that however ambitious the government's plans for carbon rationing might be, they'll have to do a lot more to keep some of the green community happy. [Written by: Sami Grover]