UK offshore wind capacity grows 80% in one year

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With the world's biggest offshore wind farm, the London Array, opening in the UK earlier this year, it's probably no surprise that the country's offshore wind capacity grew considerably.

By eighty percent, in fact.

As Renewable Energy World reports, the London Array was not the only large offshore installation driving this dramatic growth:

In the period from July 2012 to June 2013, capacity increased from 1,858 MW to 3,321 MW, boosted by four huge wind farms becoming operational – Greater Gabbard, Gunfleet Sands III, Sheringham Shoal, and London Array (pictured), which at 630 MW is currently the biggest offshore wind farm in the world.

The numbers, which were compiled in a new report from RenewableUK, come at a time when offshore capacity is actually growing faster than onshore wind energy development.

While this kind of growth is encouraging, it's worth noting that it may not be imediately replicable elsewhere. It's often been stated that the UK is a particularly favorable location for offshore wind, as commenter Kent Doering notes over at the original post (corrected slightly for spelling):

The Channel cost of England happens to be ultra ideal for offshore wind, shallow awaters, chalk bed for easy anchoring, high reliable winds, but with leeward island, there's also lower wave formation.

Either way, this is encouraging news. Maybe the contentious 2012 Energy Bill in the UK was a secret victory for renewables after all.

UK offshore wind capacity grows 80% in one year
The British wind energy industry is making huge strides - with more to come.

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