UK: National Science Week - Click for the Climate!

In the UK, National Science Week 2006 starts today, March 10, and ends on March 19 (the Brits felt like Science deserved a 9-day week, and who are we to argue?). The campaign surrounding the week includes Click For The Climate!, an initiative encouraging people to pledge a reduction of their greenhouse gas emissions (and hopefully keep their good habits once the week is over). Some celebrities and politicians have already pledged, including British Prime Minister Tony Blair (the picture shows 10 Downing Street getting CFL bulbs). According to the BBC, more than 500,000 people are expected to take part in National Science Week. ::Click for the Climate!, ::National Science Week, ::BBC Coverage, ::A Bright Idea: Ban the Bulb, ::What Is A Kilowatt-Hour Anyway?, ::Energy Hog Awareness Campaign