UK Grid on Brink of Breaking Major Wind Energy Record

From 40% of total demand in Spain to Texas wind power hitting a peak of 6,272MW, it's only to be expected that as more and more wind turbines go up, utilities around the world will be reporting record breaking amounts of wind power feeding into the grid.

According to Business Green, another such record looks set to be broken ater today with the UK on the brink of a new wind power record, with a predicted 4.14GW of wind power feeding into the grid later today:

Last week, SSE and RWE confirmed that all of the 140 turbines at their 500MW Greater Gabbard offshore wind farm in the Thames Estuary have been commissioned and are exporting electricity, providing a further capacity boost to the UK's wind farm fleet.

This increase in capacity, coupled with high winds across much of northern Britain over the next few days, have prompted experts to predict the wind power record could be broken several times over the course of this week.

This story also, I think, reveals something about the nature and potential of wind power in an age of ever smarter computer modeling, namely that experts are able to predict a spike in power and adjust the output of other generation sources accordingly. The much talked about variability problem of wind power should dramatically fall as weather forecasting gets smarter and smarter, and as our power grids get more dynamic in terms of managing demand, storing excess and rerouting supply to where it is needed.

Of course as more and more turbines are erected in diverse locations, and as the turbines themselves become larger and more sophisticated, we should also see variability leveling out even further.

UK Grid on Brink of Breaking Major Wind Energy Record
At some point today, more wind power than ever before will feed into the UK's National Grid. But this is just the beginning.

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