UFO Octopus vs Wind Turbine: The Truth is Out There

ENERCON's investigative team discuss component failure. Image credit: WeAreMovieGeeks.com
Ecotricity CEO reveals Preliminary Findings
Back in the early half of January I reported on mysterious sightings of an octopus shaped UFO seen flying towards a UK wind farm, hours before a turbine blade mysteriously snapped off. The story seemed to capture the public imagination. Journalists and bloggers alike pointed fingers at everything, from military spy planes to flying cows to fireworks, augmenting the most credible "aliens hate green energy" explanation. As investigations into the turbine failure continue, Dale Vince, CEO of turbine owner Ecotricity, tells us that things are beginning to get a little clearer:

The slur on the driving/flying skills of all extra terrestrials was lifted today — first findings from the forensic examination of the damaged windmill bits are that it definitely wasn't a collision of any kind. That lets the MOD off the hook too. We've just had the interim report from ENERCON, the manufacturer of our wind turbines, and they say that they found 'classic signs of fatigue failure' in the ring of about 30 bolts, that usually hold the blades on.

Interestingly though they've ruled out material or other defect in the bolts themselves, judging that the bolt fatigue is more likely 'effect' than 'cause' of the blade loss. The attention has shifted now to the components on either side of the ring of bolts, the theory being that a failure somewhere else in the chain of components is at the root of things. We're expecting a final conclusion in a couple of weeks and hope to be able to publish the report in full here.

All weird rumors and conspiracy theories aside, it's nice to see Ecotricity offering transparent and timely updates on the real cause behind this serious incident. Unless, of course, Dale is hiding something...

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