UFO Octopus Destroys Wind Turbine?

Image credits: Deville's Workshop and The Telegraph
Residents Report UFO Heading for Destroyed Turbine
We've seen catastrophic wind turbine failure before, but never anything quite like this. According to the UK newspaper, The Telegraph, numerous witnesses reported seeing an "octopus shaped UFO" gliding across the sky towards a wind farm. Later the same evening a blade was ripped off a turbine and another seriously damaged. So was extra terrestrial foul play involved?

One woman said she saw the an object fly towards the wind farm, while others described the lights as being linked by "tentacles", leading locals to dub it the octopus UFO.
Dorothy Willows, who lives a mile and a half from the crash site, said: "The lights were moving across the sky towards the wind farm. Then I saw a low flying object. It was skimming across the sky towards the turbines." Later on Sunday night, one of a turbine's 65ft blades was ripped off and another severely damaged.

TreeHugger favorites Ecotricity, who own the turbine, say they have no immediate explanation yet, and there is no evidence of a collision, but they are looking into it. Both they and the Health and Safety Executive are confident at this stage that this is an isolated incident and does not pose any threat to the continuing operation of the wind farm. Seriously folks — you'd have thought intelligent life from outer-space would have more intelligence than to mess with clean, renewable energy. But ultimately my money is on a more down-to-earth explanation. Having said that, I've always thought those who oppose wind energy are from outer space.

More on the turbine vs ET incident over at Cleantechnica. But wait!! STOP PRESS: It seems The Guardian may have an explanation for the turbine destruction after all (or at least the odd sightings) - and it involves the family of one of their own journalists...

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