Two on Poo Power: Netherlands and Greece Do Wonders With Waste

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It's safe to say that TreeHugger loves poo power. Not just because of the nice alliteration and an excrement reference that draws your eye, but because it completes a waste cycle, creating energy from substances that would otherwise simply well, um, go to waste. In that vein, here are two more ways that poo power is being utilized, one from the Netherlands and one from Greece. Read on:

World's Largest Chicken Poop-Powered Biomass Plant Built in the Netherlands
You read that right, the Netherlands can now claim the world's record for largest, all chicken manure powered biomass plant. The facility has a capacity of 36.5 megawatts, and is expected to supply 270 million kWh of renewable electricity to some 90,000 Dutch homes.

To generate this power the plant will use about 440,000 tons of chicken manure each year. If that sounds like a lot, it's not; it's about one-third of all the chicken waste produced in the country.

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Greece Builds Its First Biogas Facility
Karvala, Greece is the site of that nation's first foray into commercial biogas. The €3.5 million ($4.8 million) facility was 50/50 co-financed by the government and the Greek firm Kreka S.A. No word on the exact capacity of the plant.

Cleantech describes how the "integrated animal waste management system" will work,

Solid waste such as dead animals and material deemed hazardous to public health will be incinerated in the system. Organic waste such as manure, and expired and decomposing food is expected to be processed in the anaerobic digester, which can break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen to produce biogas rich in carbon dioxide and methane. The solids left over after the digester has finished processing can be used for fertilizer.

The treatment process is expected to yield methane, which can then be used to heat the organic waste in the bioreactor as well as to produce steam to sterilize the solid waste and run the incinerator.

Any excess biogas produced that is not needed to power the facility will be stored in a separate container and used to generate electricity.

via :: Cleantech
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