Two More 50 MW Concentrating Solar Power Plants in Spain: 100,000 Homes to be Supplied

parabolic trough solar power photo

photo: Abengoa Solar

Two weeks ago, Spain's Abengoa Solar announced that it has begun operating the world's largest solar power tower near Seville. Now the company will begin construction on two 50 MW concentrating solar power projects, using a different technology:The two new projects in the town of Écija—dubbed Helioenergy 1 and Helioenergy 2—will deploy parabolic trough technology to generate electricity sufficient for 52,000 households, Abengoa said. The plants are expected to begin operating in 2011.

These two parabolic trough solar power plants, together with three others of the same size, plus three solar towers under construction are all part of the Solucar power complex, which will have a capacity of 300 MW by 2013.

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via: Reuters Carbon Community
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