Two in Wind Power: Seychelles Wants 18 Megawatts, China's Offshore Potential To Be Tapped

mahe island photo

Mahé Island, Seychelles. Photo: Wikipedia

Up until recently most of the wind power news has centered on the United States, Europe, China, and very occassionally a smattering of projects in other locations. The past week though has seen some significant projects pop up: A 300 MW wind farm in Kenya that’s expected to meet about one-third of current demand springs a few days ago and now these two preliminary announcements from the Seychelles and China:Seychelles & Abu Dhabi Set to Cooperate on Renewable Energy
While nothing firm has been announced project-wise, Masdar and the Seychelles government have said that they will be partnering to develop more renewable energy for the Indian Ocean nation. Initially, efforts will focus on feasibility studies and environmental impact assessments, with an initial target of 18 MW of wind power developed (10-15% of Mahé Island’s demand).

In addition to wind power, solar power, and waste-to-energy options will be explored.

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China to Begin Offshore Wind Power Development
Again, nothing firm here, but for those keeping track of various nation’s offshore wind power potential this one’s for you: JLM Pacific Epoch is reporting that China’s National Energy Administration has signaled intent to start developing offshore wind farms. The tidal flats near Jiangsu Province were singled out as having particular great potential. Overall, the offshore wind power potential of China is estimated to be in the 100-200 GW range (admittedly a pretty big variation...) but to date none of it has been developed. In fact, China only has about 10 GW of wind farms onshore, despite being a wind power manufacturing powerhouse.

via: JLM Pacific Epoch
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