"Twin Towers" Bahrain World Trade Center With Three Wind Turbines

Is it just a matter of better wind in Bahrain, or did the architects who proposed a replacement WTC for Manhattan overlook this possibility? Just wondering.

Justin brought these to our attention last year with his "World's First Building-Integrated Wind Turbines" post (more nice pics). Anyhow, they are tuning them now to optimize power output - typical shakedown period after commissioning. Will be interesting to see the final figures.

The building's sail-shaped towers channel the strong on-shore winds directly onto the three 29m-diameter turbine blades, which are expected to provide 11-15% of the building's power when fully operational.

Turbine specialist Norwin, which collaborated with Atkins, will carry out detailed analysis and optimisation over the next few months to determine and maximize the generating potential of the turbines, which should operate around 50% of the time.

There's a Bahrain World Trade Center webcam here, but she's a slow loader.

Via::Building, "Turbines turn at world's first wind-powered commercial building"

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