Turby — A Wind Turbine that Loves City Turbulence


How many products do you know that proclaim, "Hey, we're 18 times more expensive to operate than the competition"? Well, Turby does, and it's darn fine see some product honesty once in a while. Of course, they do go on to explain that if one factors in environmental and economic constraints not covered by their opposition, then the difference drops to just 1.8 times higher. Then they ask if your children's future will be a livable one, if we stick with finite fossil fuels? That's an easy question to answer. The harder one is, what makes the Turby 40% more efficient than many other wind turbines? Seems it has hit on an optimum design compromise between vertical and horizontal bladed turbines. And this makes them ideal for city use, which is notoriously bad for windpower generation, because the wind comes from all directions. In fact, The Turby works best when some updraft is funneled up a minimum of six storeys. On this point, they don't recommend them for houses, though tall apartments work just dandy. We are further informed that none less than William McDonough himself has declared that the Turby should be the "worldwide symbol for renewable energy." But we ramble. Download their 16 page PDF for all the nitty gritty. Thanks for tipster Vjekoslav R. ::TurbyApparently 800 Turbys have been suggested for the top of the new Freedom Tower and 102 for the new JET stadium, both in New York.