Toshiba Starting Mass Production of Fuel Cells

toshiba fuel cell phone photo

Photo of Toshiba's prototype fuel cell-powered cell phone via TechOn

So far, listening to what Toshiba is up to in terms of fuel cells has been an exercise in patience. And while we are still waiting for that fuel cell-powered phone they promised would arrive this month, it seems they're getting real about mass producing the fuel cells. From Crunch Gear:

Toshiba is the world’s first company that mass-produces fuel cells. Starting next month, a factory in Yokohama will turn out fuell cells that are based on methanol and can be used to charge cell phones or notebooks.

The fuel cells will cost between $100 and a whopping $500 at first, but Toshiba expects these prices to drop significantly after ramping up output. Toshiba mobile phones and notebooks with built-in fuel cells are now announced for the next fiscal year, which ends March 2010.

It sounds pretty cool that at least production on the fuel cells is starting, yet now those promised devices are pushed back another year or so. From this and past experience, we're not holding our breath that anything really significant for mobile device charging will happen any time soon from Toshiba. In the mean time, we can at least charge up with little portable power packs.

Via Crunch Gear
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