Toshiba Launching Fuel Cell Battery Charger by End of March

toshiba direct methanol fuel cell diagram image

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Diagram via Toshiba

Back in October we wrote about Toshiba planning on introducing their first fuel cell device by the end of March 2009. Looks like they're going to make good on that promise. Maybe. Toshiba has announced that it will introduce a direct methanol fuel cell-based battery charger within the first quarter of 2009, and plans to launch DMFC packs for cell phones and laptops sometime during the upcoming fiscal year.

Toshiba has been talking about and showing off prototypes of fuel cell devices for quite awhile now, but with nothing to really show for it yet in stores. After all, how many of us own a Toshiba fuel cell-powered gadget? So, while we are fairly sure that fuel cell battery packs will come out for cell phones as the company says, the odds of them coming out with versions for laptops are slim. Breakthroughs are happening constantly in fuel cells, but getting them onto the market is a whole different ball game.

We'll keep tabs on the company's announcements and let you know when the new products are actually out.

Via Engadget
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