Top 10 Green Energy Utilities in USA


The Alternative Energy Blog has a list of the top 10 green power utilities in the US. Number one is Austin Energy (see our post about the city of Austin) and number two is Portland General Electric (see our post about Portland). Looking at the list, two things are clear: 1) There's still a long way to go before a significant portion of the USA's energy supply comes from clean sources 2) If you are in the USA, you should do something about it and have a look at this map of green energy providers by state and contact your elected representatives to let them about your energy-related concerns.


Here is the full list. The source is NREL. See the Alternative Energy Blog. for more:

Here's the top ten green energy programs in the United States (as of December 2005).

1. Austin Energy -
areas served include Austin, Texas
green energy from Wind Power, Land Fill Gas, Small Hydro -
435 MWh/year

2. Portland General Electric (PGE) -
areas served include Portland, Oregon
green power from existing Geothermal, Wind Power, Small Hydro - 340 MWh/year

3. PacifiCorp - includes Pacific Power and Utah Power
areas served include:
Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, California, Utah, Idaho
green energy from Wind Power, Biomass, Solar Energy -
234 MWh/year

4. Florida Power & Light -
green power from Biomass, Wind Power, Solar Energy -
225 MWh/year

5. Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) -
green power from Landfill Gas, Wind Power, Small Hydro, Solar Energy - 195 MWh/year

6. Xcel Energy -
areas served include: Denver,Colorado; Elkhart, Kansas; Wakefield, Michigan; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Roswell, New Mexico; Fargo, North Dakota; Boise City, Idaho; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Amarillo, Texas; Eau Claire, Wisconsin
green electricity from Wind Power - 148 MWh/year

7. National Grid -
areas served include:
New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Nantucket
green power from Biomass, Wind Power, Small Hydro, Solar Energy - 128 MWh/year

8. Basin Electric Power Cooperative (SMUD) -
green power from Wind Power - 114 MWh/year

9. Puget Sound Energy (PSE)-
area served Washington state
green energy from Wind Power, Solar Energy, Biogas -
71 MWh/year

10. OG&E; Electric Services -
area served Oklahoma
green electricity from Wind Power - 64 MWh/year