Thousands Gathering at Climate and Clean Energy Events Nationwide

Americans nationwide want action on clean energy and climate disruption.
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Last week, Ray Wilson was thrilled to talk up his church's work. To be more exact, he was excited to talk about his church's work on the roof.

Ray is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis, which installed solar panels recently, and he spoke about the benefits of going green at the "Indy Clean Energy Showcase" last week.

"My faith guides me to be a steward of the Earth," says Ray, who's also very active in the local Indianapolis Beyond Coal campaign to retire the Harding Street coal plant.

"One of our church's guiding principles is to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Yet we know that what comes out of the chimneys at the Harding Street coal plant causes harm to the families who live in our city, as well as to our surrounding environment and ecosystems."

More than 60 people came to last week's showcase, where several other presenters also spoke about clean energy projects around the city, including the solar panels at the Indianapolis International Airport. Playing off March Madness, the Indianapolis event also included a very clever clean energy vs. dirty fuels bracket playoff.

Indianapolis energy bracket© Sierra Club

The Indianapolis showcase was one of close to 100 events across 23 states where tens of thousands of Americans gathered to learn more about clean energy and climate disruption -- and to tell President Obama he must take action on climate disruption right now.

As we look back on a week with three oil pipeline spills, we're again reminded of how dirty fossil fuels are. People are suffering -- whether it's from oil in their backyards or asthma-inducing soot in their air.

It's time for solar power, which won't spill in our backyards or in our waterways. It's time for wind power, which won't cause respiratory disease.

Ray Wilson in Indianapolis gets it: "We must do better. We can generate electricity without burning coal. It’s time Indy moved beyond dirty coal and prioritized renewable energy for our future."

It's time for President Obama to get it.

Many more of these clean energy and climate town hall events are still to come. Find one near you on our Stand with the Planet website.

Thousands Gathering at Climate and Clean Energy Events Nationwide
Americans want action on climate and clean energy - so they're gathering at events nationwide.

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