Thomas L. Friedman on "Our Green Bubble"

When we last wrote about New York Times writer Thomas L Friedman he was calling coal green and we were calling him wrong. He must have noticed that graph in the Times last week demonstrating that even Coal-to-Liquid fuel where the carbon is sequestered is still a positive greenhouse gas contributor, for today he says:

Some lawmakers are pushing corn ethanol from Iowa, either because they hail from that area and are looking to give more welfare to farmers by wasting money on an alternative fuel that will never reach the scale of what is needed, or because they plan to run in the Iowa caucuses. Others are pushing huge subsidies to turn coal into gasoline, because they come from coal states. Those who don’t come from Michigan want higher mileage standards imposed on Detroit, while those who come from Michigan prefer to continue their assisted suicide of the U.S. auto industry by blocking tougher mileage requirements.

He then quotes energy expert Gal Luft of Set America Free Coalition:

“The only green that they are serious about in Congress right now is the one with Ben Franklin’s picture on it.

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