Thinking of Generating Your Own Renewable Power? Get a "MicroPower Audit"

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Interactive energy audit websites which allow you to reduce home energy costs (such as the free one offered by the U.S. Department) are now commonplace, but today Friends of the Earth Scotland launched what they call a "unique online service to blow away the myths and uncertainties surrounding generating renewable energy at home" — in other words, microgeneration or micropower.

Homeowners can go to their Micropower Audit website and answer a series of simple questions about their property. The website will then produce a report recommending the appropriate technologies to use (solar panels, solar water heater, micro wind turbine, etc.).

With the possibility of feed-in tariffs being introduced in Florida, generating renewable power at home is gaining ground in the US, though in Europe it's been done in countries like Germany and the United Kingdom. A recent report showed that the microgeneration industry has plenty of growth potential — and if expanded, could generate as much energy as five nuclear power plants. But that's not all — the UK government is also taking action.To stimulate widespread public adoption of such technologies, the UK government also introduced a feed-in tariff last week, which gives a big premium to homeowners who produce their own clean energy. A comparable tariff was introduced in Germany in 1999, resulting in a huge increase in home renewables, in addition to the creation of thousands of jobs and strengthening the renewables industry there.

Now, to further simplify any ambiguities related to micropower and the new tariff, Friends of the Earth Scotland are encouraging homeowners to consider a free micropower audit for their benefit.

"For too long it has been hard to get information about home renewables, also known as micropower," says Duncan McLaren, Chief Executive of Friends of the Earth Scotland.

"Today we're cutting through the uncertainty and myths by launching our Micropower Audit website. Householders answer a simple set of questions about their property, and the service produces an instant report into their options, including the available grants. With volatile and expensive energy prices, and the recent government announcement of a premium paid for clean energy generated at home, these technologies are looking more attractive all the time."

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