The Windwandler — Topping up your energy on those dark days.


If you already have solar panels installed on the roof of your house I bet they have transformed your life and you are currently enjoying the new found freedom of being ‘off the grid’, but do you find yourself increasingly concerned these days about cloudy weather? With the winter months edging inevitably towards us the ideas of cloudier, rainier weather and shorter, darker days are enough to spoil any solar power enthusiast’s day! Well some smart guys in Germany have come up with a back up plan. The Windwandler is designed specifically to be used in conjunction with your solar panels when they aren’t able to work at optimum output.Its elegant, sinuous form sits, like a weather-vane, atop your roof spinning on windy days to top up your energy levels. And if you live in a really sunny and really windy place it is even possible to feed the excess output that you don’t use into the public network. So if you are worried about not having enough energy to keep yourself warm and cosy this winter, then check out the Windwandler. Thanks to Vjekoslav Radisic in Croatia for the tip. ::the Windwandler
[Leonora & Petz]