The Wind's Blowing Offshore in Rhode Island: New Project Will Meet 15% of State's Electric Needs

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Though it’s been slow to pick up momentum, the inertia which has prevented the United States from tapping into its offshore wind power potential seems finally to be overcome. Compared to Europe the US lags far behind, but a slow trickle of offshore wind projects have been announced of late. Delaware has an offshore wind farm in development, New York City may be developing one off of Long Island, and now Rhode Island has indicated that it too may be getting in on the act: 1.3 Million Megawatt-Hour Project, Exact Location TBD
Though details are somewhat sketchy, Cleantech reports that Deepwater Wind has been selected to develop the state’s first offshore wind project. Expected to cost over $1 billion and supply 15% of the electricity requirements of the state (1.3 million megawatt-hours), no time scales has been presented for the project.

In addition to the wind project, Deepwater has pledged to invest $1.5 billion to develop a regional manufacturing facility in Rhode Island, creating 800 green tech jobs in the process.

via :: Cleantech
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