The Solar Stik: Portable Solar Power Generation, If You Can Afford It

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It may not come cheap, but the Solar Stik offer one more option for portable solar power and one which its makers claim can be a replacement for fossil fuel-powered generators. Solar Stik says its systems are ideal for recreational, emergency, marine, humanitarian and military applications. The US Army has even given it one of its impressive sound acronyms: TESS (Tactical Electric Solar System), like Solar Stik wasn't cool enough... Check it out:
Less Than Five Minutes to Set Up
Their website says that the Solar Stik can "generate enough power in a day to support the constant draw of several small appliances operating over a 24-hour period." It can operate with any 12 volt battery pack or can operate as a stand-alone unit when used in conjunction with the Solar Stik Power Pak. Set-up takes less than five minutes. And the units have a 25 year warranty.

On Land or Sea...
Several models are available: The Solar Stik 100 Terra (100 watts), The Solar Stik Breeze (100 watts solar + 200 watts wind) , and The Marine Solar Stik 100 (as the Terra, but for boats).

As I said at the outset, the Solar Stik doesn't come cheap: Prices start at $5,700 for the Solar Stik Terra 100 ; $10,300 for the Solar Stik Breeze; and $3,750 for the Solar Stik Marine.

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