The Roundabout: Harnessing Kid Power to Pump Water!

The Roundabout
A South African nonprofit that developed a way to use children's merry-go-rounds to power water pumps in rural areas in Mozambique. More than 700 of these Play-Pumps have been installed in South Africa, and there are plans to install 100 more in Mozambique. The Play-Pump, invented by Roundabout Outdoor, uses a very simple method to alleviate the back-breaking chores of hauling water over long distances in rural Africa, where more than 300 million people lack safe drinking water. Through a borehole, the pump can siphon 1,400 liters per hour at 16 revolutions per minute from 40 meters below the surface. The water is pumped into a 2,500-liter tank that sits 7 meters above the ground. This innovative idea lets kids play and pump water at the same time. The South African government has an ambitious plan to bring water to all of the country by 2008. The Play-Pump has been playing a critical part in fulfilling that goal.

:: Roundabout Outdoor via Sustainablog