The Mini Kin Offers Cheaper Option for Personal Wind Charger

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The personal wind power scene has a new mini charger to widen, ever so slightly, the number of options out there for charging mobile devices via the breeze.

Personal wind chargers have started creeping up onto the scene now that people have caught on to the notion of charging smaller gadgets, or even laptops (though not with this little guy), with renewable energy. It's easy, cheaper, novel, and green to be able to charge up devices without having to invest in big systems like solar panels on the house or a wind farm in your back yard.

So what does the adorably named Mini Kin have to offer to portable power customers?Details on this cute little charger are scarce, at least for now. It will launch on October 13 and we'll likely have more info to explore after that.

What we do know is it seems to be very similar to the Hymini, its only real competition. It is priced about $20 cheaper (about $60 vs. Hymini's $80), and has a different mounting option — coming with a suction cup and adjustable arm. Additionally, it comes with adapters for mobile device brands Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola and the iPhone.

Interesting to note, the charger is debuting at a website called I Want One of Those. The site's tagline is "Stuff you don't need but really, really want." Gotta say, a personal wind charger is not necessarily a pasticrap-stocking-stuffer-style item that no one really needs. On the contrary, these can actually be very useful for reducing one's reliance on the grid, even if just for mobile devices.

But, it's kind of tough to say if this is indeed more than plasticrap without any real details. I'm pretty excited to find out more — living in a windy area and riding my bike everywhere makes small wind chargers like this appealing.

Via SmartPlanet
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