The Joe Cell: A Fuel-less Energy Source?


This sounds so phantasmagorical that it might just turn out to be real. A Joe Cell is an electrolytic capacitor. Supposedly it can run your car’s engine – with the fuel line disconnected (!), yet with more power than when it was joined. It is only 5 inches (127mm) in diameter, twice as long, and can be made for about $100. Though said not to need fuel, it might be that uses a form of electricity, vapour, ‘frequencies’, plasma physics, or even a living energy called Orgone. Yes, I know it’s beginning to get just a little too New Agey. but I’m equally sure descriptions of the telephone and electric light sounded that way in their early days too. And electricity from sunlight, come on, do you think I’m gonna fall for that one! Pure Energy Systems Network, PESN, the self proclaimed ‘Wikipedia of alternate energy technology’ have a wealth of stuff on Joe Cells that made my small brain hurt I’m hopeful those more endowed with grey matter will make sense of the FAQ, Instructions, and How to Run a Joe Cell features. Is it, like the solar powered bicycle, too good to be true? Time will tell. Or maybe this Joe Cell seminar in Utah come July will do the trick.

Via Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing

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