The Hydrogen Generation: Lessons from Iceland's Bold Energy Experiment

The Walrus is sort of a new Canadian version of Atlantic Monthly. This month they cover the conversion of Iceland to a hydrogen economy (covered in treehugger earlier) Icelanders do have some advantages- sitting on a volcano, they have the hydro and geothermal capacity to make six times as much electricity as they need and can use it to electrolyze water to make hydrogen. Other countries with similar advantages are ignoring them- talking about Canada, an Icelandic official rolls her eyes and says "You have solar! You have wind! You have Hydro! Many countries have geothermal power too, but they are waiting for the world to run out of oil before they do anything about it!" Back in Iceland, they have Ballard fuel cell buses running now and are creating an infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations, and plan to be oil-free by 2050. (although we all may be oil-free by then whether we plan for it or not). Worth reading but not yet online. ::The Walrus