The Boom in Doom: Peak Oil in the New York Times

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Brendan Smialowski for the New York Times

Peak Oil is not news to TreeHugger readers, but in the New York Times, John Leland talks to people who are preparing for food shortages, a collapse of the economy, a breakdown of civil order that many think is inevitable. He writes that "In bleak times, there is a boom in doom."

He puts the "doomers"..."somewhere between the environmental movement and the bunkered survivalists" and describes how they are packing away food, gold silver and no doubt guns and ammo for the inevitable collapse that will follow quickly after the oil runs out.

life in peak oil the road

Life in a peak oil world

It is a bit alarmist, quoting Andre Angelantoni, who runs Post Peak Living:

"Our whole economy depends on greater and greater energy supplies, and that just isn't possible," he said. "I wish I could say we'll quietly accept having many millions of people unemployed, their homes foreclosed. But it's hard to see the whole country transitioning to a low-energy future without people becoming angry. There's going to be quite a bit of social turmoil on the way down."

Leland does offer some hope, primarily in the Transition Town movement, where people working together can beat the inevitable "population die-off" from shortages of oil, food and medicine.

It might have been useful also to mention that Peak Oil means that half of it is still in the ground. Getting it out is going to get progressively more difficult and expensive, and as Jeff Rubin writes, our world is going to get a whole lot smaller. But it is a bit early to be stocking up on ammunition.

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