Texas Wind Power Continues to Grow: E.ON On Track to Develop 781 MW Wind Farm by 2009

Not the Roscoe wind farm but a good representation of the scale of commercial-scale wind turbines... photo: Micky MB

Another Texas wind farm will be able for a short while to stand at the top of the world’s largest heap. Though only at a capacity of 335 megawatts currently, the Roscoe, Texas wind farm will more than double in size by the middle of 2009, consisting of 627 wind turbines and a capacity of 781.5 megawatts. Developed by E.ON (of among other things, London Array fame) it is one of six wind farms the company is operating in the United States, five of which are in Texas. Here’s more on what E.ON is up to:It's All in How You Define Things...
E.ON’s other US wind operations are as follows—Panther Creek (143 MW) in Big Spring, Texas; Forest Creek (124 MW) and Sand Bluff (90 MW) also in Big Spring, Texas; and Munnsville (35 MW) in Munnsville, New York. E.ON counts the two phases of the Roscoe wind farm as separate projects, hence being able to claim six projects in the US. So much of renewable energy bragging rights is all in the definitions...

...Including the claim made by E.ON that when fully completed the Roscoe wind farm will be able to power 265,000 Texan homes.

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