Tallahassee Florida USA Plans 35MW Wood Powered Gas & Electric Plant


Tallahassee Florida USA is the perfect place for large-scale Tree-fed biogas generator (a process that converts biomass, mainly wood in this case, to electric power in an oxygen-free environment). The major factors in favor of Florida are: coal filths up the Everglades with mercury and acid rain; Florida lacks landfills that can sustainably handle coal fly ash, demolition debris, and tree limbs. Conversely, hurricanes periodically provide a massive supply of limbs, roots, and stems, free to the hauler. Or else delivered at government expense! Did we mention sugar cane bagass? Considering all these Florida-positive factors, it is no surprise that the Biomass Gas & Electric Company (BG&E;) has announced an agreement with Florida's Capitol city, Tallahassee , to provide the city's utility with 35 megawatts of electric power an estimated 8% of demand and also "60 decatherms of methanated biomass process gas". Emission profile looks good too: "The process, called advanced pyrolysis gasification, provides energy with 95% lower emissions than fossil fuel technology".Side benefit: "As part of its commitment to environmentally sound energy production and to the Tallahassee area, BG&E; will commit to providing funds for a national hydrogen research facility at Florida State University (FSU), which is located in Tallahassee".

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