Take a Look at West Philadelphia High's Hybrid


Shooting to national attention in the US after major news coverage, the K-1 Attack Hybrid sports car is sending a message to the major US auto manufacturers: if we can do it, why can't you? Built from a kit, it's whats under the hood that counts: and this baby is reported to have super-sport performance (0-60 in 4 seconds) at better than 50mpg. What these kids are up to deserves a look, so Treehugger will show you where to find out more, in case you have not been following them since our original coverage of the hybrid supercar. The local rag, Philly Inquirer, has a little more depth than CBS on the print side, but CBS offers video, after the car won a vote for more coverage. For the photo album, go to the team's own site ev team. Go Philly Go!

And in case the Philadelphia Inquirer's depressing angle on the difficulty of keeping a budget for these fantastic projects doesn't wear you out, and you are interested in a proper British rant on the hopelessness of alternative fuels in the face of government tax policies, take a look at our source:

via ::Electric Vehicles UK