Taiwanese Wind Farm Kills Goats By Sleep Deprivation

taiwan goats photo

photo: Jimmy Yao via flickr.

We've all heard reports of varying veracity of wind farms killing birds and bats, but goats? That's what a Taiwanese farmer is claiming, and the Ministry of Agriculture seems to agree with him. The BBC has the full story but this is the gist of it:Over 400 Goats Killed
About four years ago Taipower installed eight wind turbines on agricultural land near farmer Kuo Jing-shan's land. At the time he had about 700 goats; today only 250 of them remain. Apparently the proximity to the turbines so disrupted the goats sleeping and eating patterns that they effectively starved to death.

Living too close to wind turbines has been known to cause sleep disruption and other health problems in humans, so the whole idea isn't that far fetched. The Ministry of Agriculture noted that none of the other farmers on the island experience abnormal goat deaths, and Mr Kuo's farm is the closest to the turbines.

Taipower has offered to relocate Mr Kuo but not pay compensation for the loss of his goats.

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