Syriana Goes Climate Neutral


Syriana, the geopolitical oil flick from Participant Productions starring George Clooney, (for which he just won a Golden Globe -- congrats, George!) has announced that the film has gone "climate neutral." Accomplished by offsetting 100% of carbon dioxide emissions generated by its production, an estimated 2,040 tons have been offset through investments made in renewable energy. TH pal NativeEnergy helped the film's producers calculate all carbon dioxide emissions from all of Syriana's production activities, including filming, air travel, rental car and truck emissions, hotel energy use, diesel generators used on location, office and warehouse energy use, and emissions from shipping, and then purchased renewable energy credits from renewable energy projects to achieve neutrality. The press release claims that the film is "the first major motion picture to be 'climate neutral' [through] investments in renewable energy"; as we all know, The Day After Tomorrow was the first big-budget film to attempt "climate neutrality" of any kind, though they did it with tree-planting rather than renewable energy. Syriana and Participant have received praise on these pages before, for their efforts to promote of TerraPass and raise awareness through the "Oil Change" campaign. ::Syriana, and ::Participant Productions via ::Gristmill.