Sweet. Bananas To Fuel Methane Plant


Over a year ago we mentioned that in the Australian farmers were thinking about using banana waste as a fuel source. The brainstorming is over. With a grant of almost $200,000 AUD just awarded by the Sustainable Industries Division of the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency, it's 'all systems go' to build a pilot plant in the town of Tully. This test unit will service a 400 acre banana plantation. It's estimated that between 10% to 30% of crop becomes waste. The project will see if it is commercially viability to convert this residue in a natural gas to power farm tractors, machinery and vehicles. It seems that the bendy yellow things produce a cleaner and less stinky gas, than other methane sources, such as human sewage, piggery or feedlot waste. It is expected the plant will be in operation within 5 months, and then run for a trial year, to see if the concept can be rolled out to other farms. Via Blues Country and ABC Online.