Sustainable Ethanol Deal for Sweden and Brazil

Sugarcane in Brazil

photo by Jacob via flickr

In a deal which is sure to ease Oxfam’s concerns about biofuels and poverty , an agreement to export 115 million liters of anhydrous ethanol, which has been manufactured according the sustainable social and environmental standards, has been signed between Brazilian ethanol exporters and Swedish firm Sekab.

Sustainable Ethanol Criteria
One of these standards is zero tolerance for child and slave labor: Mills must use at least 30% mechanize harvesting, a figure that will rise to 100% by 2014. Other criteria include: zero tolerance for felling of rain forest, rights and safety measures for all employees in accordance with UN Guidelines, ecological consideration in accordance with UNICAs environmental initiative.

According to Reuters, Anders Fredikson, vice-president of Sekab said that sustainable ethanol will result in a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from farming, production and transport to Sweden by at least 85% compared with petrol.

via :: Reuters
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