Surprise!- Cleaner vehicles would be better for people and the planet

A new study published in Science prepared by scientists at Stanford University has come to remarkable conclusions: a) if cars ran on hydrogen instead of gas, we would have less carbon dioxide greenhouse emissions, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, ozone and soot. b) if the hydrogen was generated by electrolyis from electricity produced by windmills, this would be really wonderful.

And if pigs could fly we could all get on their backs and not need our cars at all. Treehugger likes to be positive and uplifting but reading reports like this really drives us to the Kunstler Kool-aid. Even the authors admit: "The problem, however, is determining whether these scenarios are feasible. Producing hydrogen from water through wind power is expensive. And there are problems with storing, transporting and distributing hydrogen fuels." Really. ::Nature via ::Worldchanging and for a more restrained overview read ::Roland Piquepaille's Technology Trends