Supersized Solar Panels Could Reduce System Costs, But No One's Interested

solar panels photo

photo: Wayne National Forest via flickr.

Growing house sizes, meal portions, and cars may all be bad for the environment, but larger solar panels could well be a good thing, that's the word from Spire CEO Roger Little. Earth2Tech reports that his company is developing a prototype supersized solar panel that promises to reduce system costs and labor: The panels would be about 5x12' in size, about five times the surface area of most panels, and be rated at 1 kilowatt each. Due to reduced number of panels needed, wiring and other system components, Little estimates that utility-scale projects could reduce their costs by more than 7%.

The one drawback is that the panels' size means transport costs would increase and the only place where it would really make sense to use them would be in locations where a temporary manufacturing facility could be set up next to the power plant while it was being constructed.

So far Little has not been able to sell anyone on the virtues of actually bringing these panels into production, but what do TreeHugger readers think? Is there a future in the supersized solar panel?

via: Earth2Tech
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